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Organic Breads & Pastries

Who on earth actually mills their own flour? Fol Epi does, that's who! They do it right there in the bakery, using an old-fashioned stone grinder that turns their heritage grains (Red Fife wheat and rye) into the stuff from which bread is made. The result is flawless loaves, sweet and savories pastries, and all manner of cookies and cakes. It's all made from locally sourced ingredients, including the eggs and produce, and as such, you'll find seasonal offerings that will evoke memories of Mom's bread back on the farm, even if your mom never made bread and you never lived on a farm. It's just that powerful. Oh, and they offer lunch, too: Sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas, and pork sausage rolls are just a few of Fol Epi's perennial favorites.

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*While you're here also grab a delicious cup of coffee or espresso at the adjoined

Open in Google Maps: 101-398 Harbour Road

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