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Yoga Studio and Spa

Fitness is an essential lifestyle element regardless of where you reside. And Vancouverites know it doesn't always have to be about the newest cardio or circuit training trend.

Yyoga reinforces this fact by utilizing ancient practices to help clients reach their goals while tackling the stress that's all-too-often the root cause of many health issues. Based in Vancouver, Yyoga is the largest corporately owned yoga spa in Canada with 13 operational studios and over 900 weekly classes across the nation.

Class varieties of over a dozen yoga practices are available in three different yoga rooms. Full service wellness options include massages, facials, sauna, organic shower products, and herbal teas to create a seamless, stress-free experience.

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*Check out their schedule to see what classes they're offering.

Open in Google Maps: 888 Burrard Street, Vancouver

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