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Where Canada Gets its Coffee Fix

Spend more than a day in Canada and you'll learn firsthand that it's the land of "Timmy's". Tim Hortons and the Great White North go hand-in-hand like America baseball and apple pie.

And it's no wonder. The cafe and coffee house known for its double-doubles (2 cream, 2 sugar) and doughnuts was founded in 1964 by hockey great, Miles G."Tim" Horton. Through smart business practices, the 500th "Timmy's" opened in 1991. And today there are over 4,000 Tim Hortons stores in Canada.

A mandatory stop at Timmy's begins countless northern adventures. And although sandwiches, soup, bagels, and gift items are for sale as well, the main draws are still their double-doubles and doughnuts.

Open in Google Maps: 678 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

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