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Whole Lotta Hula Hooplah

There's something so perfect about a damn good tiki bar. Maybe it's the low light levels. Maybe it's the kitch-clad waitstaff. Maybe it's the face-sized, delicious, garishly garnished drinks. But really, it's probably everything.

We'd be lying if we didn't say we love the Shameful Tiki Room. It's the kind of place where you can't really take yourself seriously, where every drink is as goofy as it is delicious. Heck, you can even order a flaming bowl of rum-doused, tropical goodness—to the fanfare of a gong (or a fog machine/storm sounds, depending on what you go for).

If a drink sounds good, it is. And drinks are also advertised by strength, so you can go as hard (or take it as easy) as you want. Duck in and feel the island breeze. It may take a few drinks, but you'll get it eventually.

Utrip Tips

*Make reservations. Seriously. They only let a fixed number of people in (which is awesome!), so if you don't have your name on the list, you'll have to wait a bit. If you don't it will still be worth it.
*Need some tips on what to order? Anything. But, if you want specifics, you can't go wrong with the Rum Barrel or the Zombie. Or the Mystery Bowl. Or the Volcano Bowl. Or... well, you get the picture.

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