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Mexican Cafe

If you work or live around the Burrard Street area, chances are you've passed Molli Cafe more than once. Perhaps you've glanced up from your smart phone at the sidewalk sandwich board or gave a sideways look toward the typical cafe appearance before scurrying onward.

The occasional curious looky loo may have even pulled up a review or two on Yelp, only to shrug off the *obviously mistaken* info. After all, Molli can't possibly be an authentic Mexican restaurant, right? Welcome to the 21st century where looks are usually quite deceiving.

Step up to the deli-style counter and let the owner take your order, make suggestions as needed, and prepare a Mexican fiesta that will have your taste buds screaming Orale!

Utrip Tips

*It's also a great place for a quick bite to eat if you're feeling Mexican street food.

Open in Google Maps: 1225 Burrard Street, Vancouver

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