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Bridge the Gap

Whether you're a lover of architecture, fantastic views, or just simply easy travel, the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver packs all three into its eight-lane span across False Creek. This inlet separates downtown from the rest of the city and if you're traveling north, the view of the city and mountains behind it on a clear day is spectacular. Walking over the bridge will afford you an excellent 360-degree view of the city, a perfect place for that panoramic photo.

The original bridge was built in 1889 with a second bridge being completed in 1909. The third and most recent bridge opened in 1954 with one million cars traversing its eight lanes in the first month. The first civilian to drive over the third bridge was, interestingly enough, also the same woman who was the first person to drive over the second bridge in 1909. The bridge has been retrofitted recently to make it more earthquake resistant.

Open in Google Maps: Granville Street Bridge, Vancouver

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