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Celebrate Beer, Life, Etc.

Navigate to 33 Acres Brewing Co. over in Mount Pleasant, and wend your way up to the tasting-room counter (you may well have to wait your turn). Whatever's on tap--whether it's 33 Acres of Life, 33 Acres of Darkness (a Schwartzbier), 33 Acres of Nirvana (an IPA), or 33 Acres of something else--you're going to be sampling some truly fine-crafted microbrew. If you find something you like--and you will--consider bringing home a bottle or growler for further appreciation.

With bar snacks, food-truck fare, and coffee rounding out the immediate area's offerings, 33 Acres is its own lovely expression of entrepreneurial collaboration and community togetherness. And that's something you can really raise a glass to.

Open in Google Maps: 15 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

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