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Toronto’s list of superlatives is pretty immense: the largest city in Canada, hub of film, art, and culture, and home to speakers of over 150 languages; it’s not hard to see how Toronto’s earned its keep as one of the most important cities in the world. Some estimates claim that over half of Toronto’s residents were born outside of Canada, which means that, wherever you’re coming from, you’re likely to find an enclave where you feel right at home—and maybe a few that dare you to explore.

With diversity playing such an integral part of Toronto’s identity, it’s no wonder there’s so many things to do while you’re here. Summertime beckons you outside to romp around the stunning natural sights, stroll down the historic streets, and maybe stay out a bit too late in the late-hanging Canadian sun at one of the many festivals, concerts, or bars. During the wintertime, bundle up and savor the crisp views of the city’s amazing architecture, and duck into one of Toronto’s scores of museums, galleries, and boutiques.


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