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From Monks to Hipsters

This district of Old Quebec was established in the mid-17th century by a group of Recollects - the old term for Franciscans - dedicated to the 14th-century St. Roch. The area was centered around the Catholic Church, culminating in the construction of the wonderful Saint-Roche Church, built during the years 1914 through 1923. The neighborhood fell into poverty in the 1950s, but became "gentrified" in the early 2000s. Now a vibrant, youthful area of Quebec City, Saint-Roch has the reputation as being the haunt of "hipsters," students and tech workers. If you're looking for cafes, breweries and boutiques, this is the place to visit. Keep in mind, however, that Saint Roch is considered to be the patron of dogs, falsely accused people and bachelors, for whatever that's worth.

Open in Google Maps: 399, rue Saint-Joseph EstQC Canada

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