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Calgary, Alberta

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

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An Ancient Buffalo Hunting Site

The Blackfeet tribe has lived in Alberta for thousands of years, following the herds of buffalo for their sustenance. Before they acquired horses in the 18th century, they used an ancient method to hunt, attracting small herds over cliffs into corrals called piskuns. The Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a 6,000-year-old archaeological site that shows this ancient Blackfeet hunting methods, with exhibitions and guided tours of the site by the descendants of the original Blackfeet hunters.

The modern museum and cultural center at this UNESCO World Heritage Site also hosts the National Aboriginal Day celebrations every June 21st, with drumming and dancing on the plaza. You can also take hikes, guided by Blackfeet tribal members, to explain how this ancient hunting method worked.

Open in Google Maps: Fort MacLeod, AB T0L 0Z0, Canada

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