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Epic means “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.” It’s a word that has saturated the modern American vocabulary down to the most mundane. Banff, however, is a place that truly deserves the moniker! It’s surrounded by peaks that pierce the sky, alpine lakes that shimmer an iridescent turquoise even on cloudy days, and glaciers whose waters touch three different oceans. Banff even gets a touch of the extraterrestrial from the Northern Lights that adorn its celestial landscape like living art. It’s a mecca for the outdoor enthusiast with endless trails spiraling up, out, and throughout the surrounding Rocky Mountains, beckoning summertime backpackers into the stark and magnific landscape. In the winter, the slope junkies roll in to take advantage of the endless powder and countless slopes.  

Along with its natural wonders, there’s some history in Banff. Cave and Basin National Historic site is where Parks Canada got its start. Several tour companies in the area boast that they were the first of their kind in Canada. And the local museums catalog the experience of settling the Canadian rockies. Banff isn’t a big town in numbers, but it’s a huge town when it comes to potential experiences - come on by, and you’ll never forget your time in the Canadian Rockies. 


Banff Avenue

The Center of the Park's Central Town

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Soaking in the Rockies

Moraine Lake

A Glacier-fed Lake

Johnston Canyon & Ink Pots

A Busy Trail

Banff Springs Hotel

The Three Gifts: Fishing, Golf and Whiskey

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Caves, Nature and Canadian History

Bow Falls

Scenic Cycling and Hiking

Banff Ave Brewing Co.

Brewpub with Food

Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar

Spirits On Site