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Grand Vantage

In the back of and above West Whale Bay Beach lies the grassy upland of West Whale Bay Park, one of Bermuda's blue-ribbon ocean vantages and picnic spots. In the spring, the park tempts with the potential of seeing migrating humpback whales journeying northward to summer feeding grounds; watch for spouts, upraised tails, even--if you're lucky--the occasional breach. And then there's the everyday, year-round attraction of some outstanding sunsets.

Some timeworn battlements (well, their remnants anyway) also distinguish West Whale Bay Park. The Whale Bay Fort, built in the mid-18th century, has essentially vanished, but you can still see the walls and barracks of the Whale Bay Battery, constructed in the late 19th century.

Utrip Tips

*If you do a bit of looking, you can find the ruins of West Whale Bay Battery.
*You can always just kick back at West Whale Bay Beach, too.

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