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Bermuda, Bermuda

Paradise One Sports Fishing Charters

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Big Game Fishing

Climb aboard the 54-foot catamaran Paradise One and let brothers Allan and Delvin Bean introduce you to the thrill of the hunt: the hunt, that is, after some of the Atlantic's biggest and baddest gamefish. The Beans' charters pursue some truly fabulous deep-sea quarry--from wahoo, barracuda, bonito, and snapper to scale-busting blue and white marlin--over the mighty reef mounts of the Challenger and Argus banks.

Even if fishing's not your thing, Paradise One is still worth checking out for its whale- and dolphin-watching cruises: Nothing like spotting a humpback spyhopping or tail-slapping in Bermudian waters!

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*Hours vary by tour; just double check when you book.

Open in Google Maps: 7 Colony Valley, Bermuda

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