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100% Bermudian Holiday

One of the pinnacles of Bermuda's yearly calendar, the Cup Match sees the entire island take a holiday to mark a cricket match. The contest--which happens the Thursday and Friday ahead of the first Monday in August--pits cricket teams from opposite sides of the island against one another: St. George's and Somerset. The massive enthusiasm of the crowd and all the associated traditions--from the widespread "Crown and Anchor" gambling to the hilarious Non-Mariners Race closing out Cup Match weekend--ensure the occasion is entertaining even if, like so many, you can't even begin to wrap your head around cricket's gameplay.

It's important to note that Cup Match has profound resonance: It derives from a cricket match held during celebrations marking Bermuda's abolition of slavery.

Utrip Tips

*If you can't make it to the pitch, there are celebrations all over the island.
*The venue changes year to year; just double check before you head out.

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