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Wacky "Non-Race"

Spectate at the Non-Mariners Race in Mangrove Bay, and you're sure to come away with some of the most indelible images of your time in Bermuda. It's the island at its wackiest; on the heels of the Cup Match, a bunch of mostly soused revelers crowd the waterfront with jury-rigged vessels that--whimsically cobbled together as they are from random objects--pretty much define the polar opposite of "seaworthy."

But that's the point: The best vessels in this "non-race," organized by the Society of Non-Mariners, are those that sink fastest. Come down to watch, or hey--maybe join the scrum and see if you've got what it takes to become a Non-Mariner?

Open in Google Maps: Mangrove Bay, Somerset, Bermuda

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