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Today: 9:00am-5:00pm
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Cost: $22.00 USD (22.00 BMD)

Picturesque Subterranean Sanctuary

Crystal Cave is a popular Bermuda attraction owing to its subterranean waterways and crystal-like formations. Located in Hamilton Parish, Crystal Cave is one of the most famous of Bermuda's many subterranean caves.

Crystal Cave is perhaps most famous for its enchanting turquoise pool that's situated beneath formations reminiscent of chandeliers and crystals that hang from the cave's ceiling. You can explore the cave by walking along the pathway of pontoons that are arranged throughout. As one of the island's most amazing natural attractions, this cave is popular with people of all ages.

Utrip Tips

*Tours leave every 20 minutes, so you shouldn't have to wait around too long to get exploring.
*You can get a combined ticket for admission to both Crystal and Fantasy Cave for $30.

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