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Vegetarian's Paradise

In a city whose cuisine is heavily dependent upon meat, it can be difficult for a vegetarian to get by on anything other than fries and waffles. Shanti helps to ease those difficulties, crafting a flavorful and delicious menu filled with unique vegetarian dishes, such as seaweed salad with lemon and sesame; vegetable coucous with semolina raisin; and vegetarian curry with papadam chutney. For those who must have some sort of meat, Shanti offers seafood dishes (seafood is the only type of meat served here), such as risotto with prawns; chicory rolled salmon with orange and watercress; and catch of the day with roasted vegetables. This cute, blue-walled restaurant is soothing and intimate, an oasis for vegetarians in a meat lover's city.

Open in Google Maps: Avenue Adolphe Buyl, 70, 1050

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