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Home of Artists Nouveaux

When newlywed artists Paul and Lina Cauchie designed their home in 1905, being modest was never the goal. With Paul working on the exterior architecture, and Lina on the interior art, their art nouveau creation caught the eyes of many passerby and displayed—very publicly—the artists's considerable skill. Although their home was pronounced "par nous, pour nous" ("by us, for us"), it is today open to the public for visiting and touring. Every part of the house is considered to be art, right down to the furniture and the paneling, so be sure to examine everything. If you aren't in town during the house's (very restricted) opening hours, you can still check out the stunning exterior.

Utrip Tips

*Interior visits are available on the first weekend of every month, as well as on Tuesday evenings during the summer.

Open in Google Maps: Rue de Francs 5, 1040

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