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High-End Caribbean Cigar Shop

Cigar connoisseurs looking for a high-end cigar option in the Caribbean are in luck. Simply head over to Bridgetown. Tucked into the notable Pelican Village complex, Caribbean Cigar Co. awaits your visit with smoky breath.

This company may seem unassuming. After all, it's just run by a local husband and wife team. However, it provides two of the best local brands of cigars in Barbados: The Royal Barbados and The Sam Lord.

Looks are almost always deceiving, and the quality of these cigars are renowned. Custom-made wooden boxes hold sets of 25 cigars that can be shipped worldwide. At least 1,000 cigars are hand-rolled per day for these popular, and local, brands. Stop in for one of their specialty tours. You won't be disappointed.

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