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International Vienna

Celebrating the rich theatre, film, and music scenes that Vienna is so reputed for, Vienna Festival brings together 37 productions from 32 countries. These events range from 22 live musical performances, to video installations, and even talks from artists. While it is easy for a festival to lose itself in an international festival of this scale, the Vienna Festival allows for dialogue—not just between artists, but between nations—and maintains the character and personality that Vienna has come to embody. If you find yourself in Vienna during the Vienna Festival, definitely take a look to see what's going on; you may find yourself immersed in a culture you never expected to find.

Utrip Tips

Shows and productions go on all over Vienna, so if you want to check it out, you’ll want to look here (as well as their website) for tickets and information about what shows are playing.

Open in Google Maps: Lehárgasse 11/1/6, 1060 Vienna

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