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Three Stories Of Wow

Three stories full of culinary delight, Meinl am Graben is an epicurean wonder. Offerings include a sushi and oyster bar, a delicatessen shop featuring over 400 cheeses, a wine cellar with over 750 wines, a gourmet supermarket, a fine restaurant overlooking the Graben, and, to top it all off, a gelato and espresso parlor. The displays at Meinl am Graben are as attentively crafted as the products are carefully chosen. International delicacies include specialty oils and vinegars, diverse spices of meats, Norwegian salmon and Russian caviar. No matter your pocketbook, you can find something–snack, treat or gift–at Meinl am Graben.

Utrip Tips

*Hours vary for different parts of Meinl am Graben, check their website for specific times.

Open in Google Maps: Graben 19, 1010

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