Capuchin Church

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The Imperial Crypt
Officially known as the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels, this small, aisle-less church near the Hofburg Palace in the Neuer Markt square was completed in 1632 and is still in use today. One of the highlights of the Church is the Imperial Crypt where 145 members of the Habsburg dynasty are interred. The individuality of the different monarchs that lie within is reflected in the wide variety of styles and materials used for their coffins. There are lavishly decorated baroque and rococo sarcophagi adorned with gold and bronze angels and skulls as well as simple wooden containers. Come see it for yourself and make sure to bring your camera.
*Recommended by local expert Marieta Teich.
Address Tegetthoffstraße 2, 1010
Website Website
Phone +43 01 512 6853
Hours Mon-Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm
Price $6.90 USD (5.00 EUR)
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