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Heavenly Food, Strange Pay

Once you get past the rather complicated self-serve pay and service system, you can wander more freely through this microcosm of Asian cuisine. Plates from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam are all represented in this small space.

The four hawker-style diners in this alley near Kensington Street share a communal dining area that feels like a sidewalk cafe setting or a backyard picnic table. Colorful brick walls, lines of rosy lanterns, and the occasional tree are a part of the scenery. The cutlery and service are without the fuss and thrills, but the big portions and festive atmosphere more than compensate.

Utrip Tips

* Be aware that Spice Alley has an unorthodox payment system.

* 1. Go to the payment booth and pre-fund a payment card.
2. Pick out your dishes at the booths and pay using the payment card.
3. When finished, any unused funds on your payment card can be refunded,

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