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Wild Night Out

With one foot still in it's red light district past, Kings Cross is in the midst of a revitalization effort to shed some of it's seedy reputation. Get on the train and travel to a neighborhood that impresses guests with its funky boutiques, stylish fashion trends, and world class dining options. Come nightfall, Kings Cross becomes the sultry nightlife hub it's known for. If you're in the mood for lively pubs, four-story nightclubs and raucous energy spilling out into the streets you've found your destination. Be aware that along with it's lively nightlife, Kings Cross has become known for a string of sucker punch assaults known locally as a "King's Punch" (though local efforts have been made to re-brand it as the more accurate "Coward's Punch"). Law enforcement has cracked down heavily on this behavior, but it still does occur from time to time. Keep your wits about you and make smart decisions so that you can enjoy a wild, fun night out.

Utrip Tips

* Take extra caution in Kings Cross at night. While it is an iconic neighborhood for clubs and nightlife (and very much fun), fights and assaults are fairly commonplace during the late hours. Random attacks on passerby's are not unheard of, so it's best to keep your wits about you after hours in Kings Cross.

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