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The Sydney Harbor shimmers with gold from the sunrise just beyond the horizon. Not to be outshined by the gorgeous natural beauty, the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge compliment the glowing harbor as you snap the perfect sunrise photo. This is Sydney, Australia’s glamorous business hub and most populous city. Originally inhabited by indigenous Australians, the Sydney area was later infamously settled as a penal colony in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip. Despite Sydney’s unseemly roots, it has swiftly emerged as one of the world’s premier cities – and travel destinations. A glance out of your airplane window upon approach will leave you little reason to wonder why, boasting an unparalleled natural beauty and stunning coastline. The sprawling metropolis creeps along the world’s largest natural harbor, enveloping several of the world’s best beaches within the city limits.

Sydney is a brash, boisterous city - one that has every reason to be. It’s a city that likes to push the envelope and be the best in everything it can muster. The local food culture is thriving, with innovative restaurants popping up seemingly overnight and a robust café scene relentlessly pursuing the perfect cup of coffee. Whether it’s a boundary pushing degustation menu from a world renowned chef in a modern space or a humble sausage roll from a local neighborhood pie shop, you know you’re getting the finest Sydney has to offer. As the sun sets and night begins to take hold you’ll find yourself enthralled with a glamorous city teeming with nightlife activity. From thumping underground clubs and hidden speakeasy lounges to local bars (often dubbed “Hotels”); Sydney provides countless directions for your night to go, and its staggering amount of events and festivals help keep everything fresh.

Sydney’s love of being outdoors shows up in all facets of everyday life. From outdoor cafes and rooftop bars to open-air stadiums and crowded beaches; Sydneysiders love getting out and soaking up some sun at any opportunity. Sydney’s love of sport is downright infectious and you’ll find a unique variety of athletic displays in Sydney’s sprawling stadiums. Cricket is a local favorite and Aussie Rules Football is beginning to gain in popularity; but Rugby is truly king in Sydney, boasting 9 of the National Rugby League’s 16 teams. If you feel like the weight of the city is coming down around you, you’re just a quick jaunt to the dozens of local beaches or a leisurely drive to the gorgeous Blue Mountains to the west. Any excuse is a good excuse to get outdoors in a city as gorgeous as Sydney, and you won’t be hurting for reasons to get out there and explore.


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