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Marsupials 'n More

Sure, you probably know Australia's home to some of the world's all-out deadliest creatures, but that venomous and man-eating gang is more than balanced out by the plentiful ranks of impossibly adorable and endearing critters. At Caversham Wildlife Park, you'll get to know some of these heartbreakers: snuggly koalas, hip-hoppity wallabies, big-eyed sugar gliders, and tender-souled quokkas, among them. Plus, do you actually know what a wombat is? Because it's your new favorite animal. Actually, Caversham's menagerie isn't all ultra-cuddly: There are quolls and Tasmanian devils, dinosaur-like emus and cassowaries, wedge-tailed eagles, and other more formidable animals, but they're just as amazing expressions of Australia's unique Down Under ecology.

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