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Tucked away in the isolated southwest of Australia you’ll find Perth, where the outback meets the Indian Ocean. The waterfront capital of the impressively expansive Western Australia (three and a half times the size of Texas!), began as a humble country town. Following a mining boom, Perth’s trajectory soared as it has transformed itself into the renowned international city it is today. While Perth boasts all the big city comforts expected of an international destination, it’s largely defined by its isolated locale (Perth is closer to Bali than it is to Australia’s own capital city, Canberra!). In response, Perthites have carved out an energetic, down to earth city known for enjoying life at a scope to match the boundless size of Western Australia.  Saturday night clubbing has a way of turning into an infamous “Sunday Session”, with a generous dose of hair-of-the-dog in the sun (though this breezy, boozy lifestyle can come at its own large cost - $20 cocktails are not unheard of). Kings Park and Botanic Garden dwarfs New York’s famed Central Park and provides a wonderful place to take in some greenery and stop for a barbecue in the park. Perth doesn’t just have one gorgeous beach, it boasts 40 kilometers of picturesque coastline; and because it’s within a stone’s throw of the city you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to lay down your beach towel. While life is large in Perth, thankfully there’s enough Perth to go around.

With an eye on expansion, it might be expected that Perth would have left its art and cultural scene behind. Perth isn’t most cities, though. Those seeking to build privately owned buildings must utilize a percentage of building costs to fund local art in the building’s proximity. Your average business district in Perth turns into an impromptu art walk as sculptures and murals line the city center. As Perth has slowly engulfed the diminutive port city of Fremantle, it’s also absorbed some of its renowned food and art scene with its own maritime flair. Visit the buzzy Perth Cultural Centre for a dose of local culture, or the Hawker’s Night Market for some local flavor.

Perth boasts the most sunny days in all of Australia, and with weather as perfect as Perth’s you’ll want to find every excuse to get outside and explore. Luckily, Perth has you covered. Perth possesses some of Australia’s best white sand beaches, perfect to show some skin and match tans with the locals (though how much skin is up to you – many beaches are clothing optional). Local getaway Rottnest Island, or “The Rotto” as it’s more charitably known locally, hosts some of Australia’s best scuba diving and snorkeling away from the more crowded Great Barrier Reef to the east. With no personal car traffic allowed on the island, you’ll find it allows a slower paced reprieve from city life and who knows – you might even run into a Quokka, a local marsupial known for being particularly camera friendly. With all the comforts of modern life surrounded by idyllic beaches and perfect weather, Perth earns its reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world.


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