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Sublime Seacoast

The 151-mile Great Ocean Road hugging Victoria's Southern Ocean rim is as jaw-dropping as any seashore drive on Earth, and the Twelve Apostles of Port Campbell National Park compose its best-known highlight. If we want to be all numerically accurate about it, you'd have to say the Eight Apostles, because that's how many of these iconic seastacks actually loom out of the surf; a ninth, succumbing to eons of saltwater battering, toppled in 2005. The number's really beside the point: These limestone towers and the adjoining sea cliffs of the scalloped coastline are just breathtaking.

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Utrip Tips

* Though the Great Ocean Road continues beyond The Twelve Apostles, many travelers tight on time choose this to be the final destination before heading back.

* For those driving, take care to gas up your vehicle before sunset - local gas stations along the route close down at sunset. Running out of gas after dark could leave you stranded until sunrise.

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