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March of the Penguins

Sunset at Phillip Island is magical enough just from an aesthetic standpoint. Now throw in the fact that that magic hour sees hordes of little penguins make landfall out of the surf and hop and teeter their way to their sandy burrows. It's called the Penguin Parade, undertaken nightly and en masse by Victoria's biggest colony of these flightless blue seabirds, also commonly called fairy penguins. It's as delightful as it sounds--actually, it's even MORE delightful than it sounds, we'll go so far to say. The ticketed boardwalk and overlook viewing of the Penguin Parade run by Phillip Island Nature Park helps manage the popular pursuit while keeping the little waddlers and their habitat safe.

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Today: 10:00am-5:00pm
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Utrip Tips

* Both self-guided and guided tours are available, more information can be found here.

* It's recommended to book ahead of time. Phillip Island is about 90 minutes from Melbourne, and it would be unfortunate to drive out there only to find out it's sold out!

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