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Sheltered Waters

Kept calm and relatively predictable by the presence of the Great Barrier Reef, this national park is filled with white sandy beaches and lush tropical rainforests. Fitzroy Island boasts a variety of both land and sea-based activities for all to enjoy. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving on the Great Barrier Reef are natural pasttimes at this gorgeous island paradise, but the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center also offers tours of it's facilities. Guests can also take tours in a glass bottom boat, go kayaking in the calm ocean or take in some inland scenery on one of the island's many hiking trails. With all that activity, you'll be well ready for a relaxing seaside meal and a nice cocktail to enjoy while the sun goes down.

Utrip Tips

* There are three ferry options to transfer you to Fitzroy Island (the fourth being a private boat charter), more information can be found here.

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