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Aruba, Lesser Antilles

Colorado Point Lighthouse

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Aruba's Guiding Light Since 1881

Aruba is full of interesting, historical sites, one of which is the Colorado Point Lighthouse. Built in 1881, the lighthouse, originally named Seroe Colorado Lighthouse, is still in its original location at the island's southeastern point.

When it was first erected, the structure looked more like a giant block tower made of stone and wood. But over time, that structure crumbled and was replaced by what looks more like a giant, rusted cage atop a metal pole than an actual lighthouse.

At 167-feet high, it's currently one of two active lighthouses in Aruba that still warn maritime travelers of impending danger. While the lighthouse isn't open to the public, the grounds are. A ride to this family-friendly outdoor activity provides exceptional scenic views that make it well worth the visit.

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