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Aruba's Hidden Gem

Looking to escape from the modern world? A walking tour inside Arikok National Park can help make those dreams come true since, chances are, the guide will include a stop at Boca Ketu.

One look at the pristine cove with its unspoiled water and high cliffs may make some visitors yawn at its simplicity. But daredevils know the joy is just beginning. While swimming is frowned upon, many visitors opt to dive from the cliffs into the clear, turquoise water to discover for themselves the unspoiled geology above and below the water's mirrored edge.

Even the calmer crowd can enjoy this outdoor activity by roaming the small beach, testing the warm waters, and marveling at the painfully beautiful surroundings untouched by man. It's a breath of fresh air.

Utrip Tips

*Located inside Arikok National Park - ticket sales end at 3:30pm
*No swimming or wading
*Once you get to the Conchi Pool head North about 1/2 mile – only accessible by 4x4 or horse
*Before 8am & 4pm, visitors are only allowed to walk or bicycle (if you enter prior to 8am to hike, you must purchase a ticket immediately after your hike)
*You must exit the park before 6pm, unless you have a camping permit

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