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A Volcanic Anomaly

Hidden on the edge of a rugged coastline soaked with spray is the calm Natural Pool, also known as the Conchi, or Cura de Tortuga. This sheltered spot was created by a sunken volcanic rock formation, and stays tranquil despite the chaos surrounding it.

The entire area is a pristine, natural site, and is only accessible via 4x4 vehicle, on horseback, or on foot. The shoreline is actually located within Arikok National Park and is relatively close to other sites of note, such as the Natural Bridge and Daimari Beach.

Utrip Tips

*Located inside Arikok National Park - ticket sales end at 3:30pm
*Before 8am & 4pm, visitors are only allowed to walk or bicycle (if you enter prior to 8am to hike, you must purchase a ticket immediately after your hike)
*You must exit the park before 6pm, unless you have a camping permit

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