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Caves, Bats, and Camps

Several places in the Caribbean are home to unique land formations due to volcanic activity or ocean currents. The Quadirikiri Caves, which are accessible from inside Arikok National Park, are examples of some local geological wonders. Brave visitors who venture into the caves are not allowed to bring flashlights, as they disturb the bats and other underworld residents.

You need to purchase a ticket to access the park and the caves, which is worth it considering that there are several other attractions in the park for guests to enjoy. These include lava rock formations and ancient cave paintings.

Utrip Tips

*Flashlights are NOT allowed in the caves, as they disturb the bats
*Located inside Arikok National Park - ticket sales end at 3:30pm
*Before 8am & 4pm, visitors are only allowed to walk or bicycle (if you enter prior to 8am to hike, you must purchase a ticket immediately after your hike)
*You must exit the park before 6pm, unless you have a camping permit

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