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Amazing Earth

Deep in the subterranean world of Arikok National Park you'll find Fontein Cave, one of many intricate limestone caves that dot the island's north coast. Along with the fascinating rock formations, the cave also contains pictographs left by the Caquetios people, the original residents of the island in ancient times.

Combine this cave with a hike and see many other natural wonders within the park, including natural archways, volcanic rock, and several different examples of the island's various ecosystems along with many of the wild residents.

Utrip Tips

*Located inside Arikok National Park - ticket sales end at 3:30pm
*Before 8am & 4pm, visitors are only allowed to walk or bicycle (if you enter prior to 8am to hike, you must purchase a ticket immediately after your hike)
*You must exit the park before 6pm, unless you have a camping permit

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