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Hit the Dance Floor

It's hard to visit Aruba without getting the urge to do like the locals do and dance. Aruba Salsa provides fun and welcoming instruction in that regard: not only in salsa, but also merengue, bachata, cha-cha, and all sorts of other sultry styles.

Aruba Salsa takes pride in teaching the ropes to even those among us most afflicted by the two-left-feet syndrome, and includes both local Arubans and international tourists among its diverse students. From free public workshops to private lessons, here's the place to learn some hardcore moves to impress your next dance-floor partner!

Utrip Tips

*Contact ArubaSalsa to register for a class
*Complimentary Workshops: Bugaloe Beach Bar - Wednesdays at 8:30pm | Divi Village - Thursdays at 4pm | De Palm Island - Daily around 2:30pm

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