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Memorial to a Dark Period of Argentina's History

This 34-acre park is dedicated to the memory of more than 30,000 people who disappeared - certainly murdered - during the time of the military junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 until 1983. With paths and many commemorative sculptures, it is a solemn memorial to those who were killed during this terrible time. During the time now known as the "Dirty War," but then called the "National Reorganization Process," the anti-communist leadership arrested these tens of thousands of citizens, some of whom were actually left-wing guerillas, but others who were just political dissidents or suspected of being associated with socialism. Sentenced without trial, these people (now called the "disappeared") were taken on what were called "flights of death," were they were pushed out of aircraft into the rivers and offshore in the ocean. The Remembrance Park honors their memory and stands as a promise that such horrors will never again occur in Argentina.

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