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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco

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A Vision of the Art in Latin America

Begun as a personal museum in 1882, this collection of an enthusiastic collector of Latin American art has grown into an important institution in Buenos Aires. Little known to visitors to the city, it is a delightful combination of a quirky collector and important donations of collections over the past century and more. Sr Blanco was originally a collector of violins but, as with many men of his wealth and interests, he soon branched out into other items, including silverware, religious icons (an entire gallery is dedicated to paintings of the BV Mary), historical paintings, furniture, books and manuscripts. Originally, the collection encompassed more than 10,00 items, but, over the years since the museum was established, it has attracted donations from several important collections of Latin American paintings. Be sure to see the exhibitions of hand fans and women's hair horn combs.

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