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Football is Like a Box of Chocolates

Home of Buenos Aires' football (soccer) team, the Boca Juniors, this well-designed stadium holds about 49,000 fans - and what fans they are! The shape and arrangement of the grandstands allow for a clear and close-up view of the action on the pitch. In fact, the design provides for excellent acoustics, which is why the stadium is also used as a concert venue. The official name is the Alberto J. Amado Stadium, but it soon gained the nickname La Bombonera ("The Chocolate Box") after the shape of the stadium. A large mural on the outside of the stadium depicts the history of the Boca Juniors and Buenos Aires. There is also a museum dedicated to the team.

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* Tickets are notoriously hard to come by – it's best to try to obtain them via a private agent.

Open in Google Maps: Brandsen 805, 1161 CABA, Argentina

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