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Featured Trip: Uncovering Rome One Bite At A Time

The Uncovering Rome One Bite at a Time trip offers a taste of daily life in Rome by leading visitors though real working class neighborhoods as well as through the major sites of Rome. This travel plan intersperses authentic Roman cuisine with history, culture, and local customs. Utrippers experience a bustling Roman fresh food market, a family-owned trattoria, and a visit to one of Rome’s oldest gelaterias to learn how to differentiate between real gelato and the fake stuff. Along the way you will interact with the wonderful families that are behind all of Rome’s most famous delicacies.

Uncovering Rome One Bite at a Time Trip Overview

Trip Duration 6 days (including travel)
Best Experienced
Year Round
Good For
Foodies Who Want Italian
Type of Trip
Cuisine, Culture, & Landmarks
Fly Into Rome
Fly Out Of Rome
6 days
City Highlights
Taste of Testaccio Food Tour
The Fun of Roman Food
Roman Forum
The Heart of Historic Rome
A Taste of Perfection
Campo de' Fiori
Open Air Market & More
Trattoria Cavalier Gino
Authentic With A Twist
Trip Highlights:

- Taste daily life in Rome with the Eating Italy Food Tours. Go with a small group on a 4-hour walking tour through working class neighborhoods to explore the food and culture of Rome.

- Fill up on delicious food at the best restaurants, markets, and shops, then venture over to historical landmarks such as The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and The Roman Forum

- Eat lunch and dinner at local and authentic restaurants that come highly recommended from the people that know food in Rome. 

- Enjoy the most delicious slice of pizza you have ever devoured and a cherry cheesecake at a 5th generation shop that would make a New Yorker feel at home. 

- Savor gelato, gelato and more gelato–but only the real thing none of the fake stuff at Giolitti and Gelateria del Teatro.

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