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Featured Trip: Naples & Beyond

Don’t believe everything your hear. Notorious in days past for its crime laden culture, Naples has worked hard to revitalize its image and is now one of Europe’s up and coming travel destinations. Created by local expert Renato Soltpietro, this travel plan to Naples gives Utrippers an insider’s perspective into the heart and soul of the ‘City of the Sun’ like never before. As a part of this trip, visitors enjoy all of the city's must see sights, architecture, and buildings. Also get outside the city by taking a trip to a town frozen in time at the historical site of Pompeii. By the end of this trip, you'll be ordering six shots of espresso a day and shooting around on a Vespa.

Selected trip » Naples & Beyond

Naples & Beyond Trip Overview

Trip Duration 4 days (including travel)
Best Experienced
Year Round
Good For
Those New To Naples
Type of Trip
True Cultural Immersion
Fly Into Naples
Fly Out Of Naples
4 days
City Highlights
La Sacrestia
Time-Tested Favorite
Castel Sant'Elmo
A Medieval Fortress
Via Dei Tribunali
Center of Naples' Culture
Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Archaeological Oasis
Snack on Tradition
Trip Highlights:

- Visit the Centro Storico (Historic City Center) to see the culture of one of the city’s most ancient and bustling streets – Via dei Tribunali. Here Utrippers will experience decadent churches, local markets, and life changing pizza at La Antica Pizzeria da Michele

- Explore the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, renowned worldwide for its fantastic selection of ancient art, sculptures, and mosaics from Roman and Greek times.

- Relax with a Napolitana style espresso and sfogliatelle at Grand Café Gambrinus – once a favorite of historical figures like Mussolini and Oscar Wilde.

- Escape the noise of the city streets at the historical site of Pompeii, a town that was excellently preserved in ash after the eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

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