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Nansen Malin

Long Beach Peninsula.

Expertise in Local Cuisine & Culture

Originally hailing from the other side—that is, the Oregon side—of the Columbia River, Nansen has done everything from working in advertising and small business consulting to motivational speaking and starting an award-winning manufacturing business. She even had a brief stint as a political lobbyist. But, alas, the luster of wearing many hats wore thin, so Nansen decided to take off her heap of haberdashery and trade it in for a 4-wheel drive truck and a clam shovel. 

She ended up being besotted with a Dutch Colonial home in the beach community of Seaview, and is currently working hard (with the help of her husband) to restore her home. She maintains a beach lifestyle blog and is active on a good deal of community boards—including a historic salmon hatchery. Frankly, she seems to be loving her life in Seaview; it probably has to do with the fact she can ride her beach cruiser to the market, enjoy setting suns over the tumultuous Pacific Ocean, and indulge her vices: salmon, oysters, gin, and DIY projects all in the same place.

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