Create a personalized day-by-day trip in moments


Gilad Berenstein

Gilad Berenstein—Founder and CEO

In 2010, Gilad began planning a dream vacation to Europe, and spent untold hours researching his trip. He had an epiphany—there had to be a better way to plan the perfect trip. Upon returning to Seattle, Gilad vowed to make his vision a reality and founded Utrip.

Gilad’s background includes leadership positions in business development (Watch2Help and GB Consulting), financial and asset management (PricewaterhouseCoopers and Harris Allison Buxbaum Group), and entrepreneurship (Seattle Alumni Club). He holds a BA in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance and a Masters in Taxation from the University of Washington.

So now that you’re able to plan your perfect trip in minutes, Gilad’s the one to thank.

Chris Marinic

Chris Marinic—CTO

Chris is an autodidact with decades of engineering experience. Growing up, he excelled at computer science, often mentoring his fellow students. He designed, developed, launched, and sold his own start-up while working full-time as the Director of Engineering at Sabre Hospitality Solutions. After a short stint in the Real Estate industry Chris went back to what he loves, travel technology.

Stan Monlux

Stan Monlux—VP of Revenue & Business Development

A business development executive with experience building businesses and profitable partnerships for emerging technology companies with a focus on the highly competitive mobile application and internet advertising markets.

Jessica Fishman

Jessica Fishman—Director of Expansion

Jessica’s extensive travels have taken her all over the world, providing new experiences and perspectives at every turn. From backpacking through the mountains of Patagonia to road tripping across the United States, and from dining at sidewalk cafes in Paris to eating street döner in Istanbul, Jessica’s appetite for travel—and delicious food—is never-ending. Drawing from her travels and from the experiences and recommendations of locals from around the world, Jessica and her team never hesitate to dig deeper to bring the most authentic activities and restaurants to the Utrip community.