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"Utrip is an amazing idea. I love how customizable it is by taking into account my personal preferences and building a trip that’s uniquely me!" Gabe K. on 1/31/13
"Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Love it. If I didn't have you guys helping me find great places to eat, it would've taken me forever to Google it all." Robby S. on 2/1/13
"Absolutely love what you guys have made! I have been looking for a site like this for a long time!" Hilary H. on 8/9/12
"This is cool! When I travel, I like to have a good balance. I like to see the must-see things like the Eiffel Tower or the Pantheon, but I also like to be spontaneous and just wander and explore neighborhoods. This is wonderful because it's so easy to plan a trip with everything I want!" Florian A. on 11/20/12
"I want to have a totally different experience that no one else can ever have. Authentic experiences are the best part about traveling. Utrip suggested me to go surfing in Spain, and I've never even thought of it before...this is going to be the best trip ever!" Jamie H. on 11/13/12
"This is a lot more fun than a guide book!" Patrick C. on 2/16/13

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